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Eagle Harbour Yacht Club Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Introduction
Eagle Harbour Yacht Club (EHYC) respects your right to privacy. We will only collect and utilize personal data and personal information in the following manner.

Collection of Personal Information
EHYC only collects personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. This information may be collected through e-mail correspondence, telephone conversations, fax or letter correspondence, or filling out forms on our website. Again, this information is only collected voluntarily when you provide us with personal information about yourself for the purposes of participating in our club’s business. The type and accuracy of the information collected depends on what you provide to us.

All information you provide us with is, of course, optional.  However, we are better able to effectively serve your and other member’s needs by having been provided with certain types of information about you, such as name, address, phone numbers and vessel particulars.

Use by EHYC of Personal Information

All personal information is used by Eagle Harbour Yacht Club only and for the purpose of servicing our members’ needs.  We do not share or sell this information to third parties

Unless the Club is advised in writing by a member that they wish to exclude their personal information, the Club has each member’s consent to disclose the following:

– Name, address, phone numbers and vessel particulars in EHYC publications, including the Year Book.
– Member’s names and photographs in Club publications, including Soundings.
– Details of yachting or EHYC activities, such as racing and cruising, showing member’s names, boat name and related event information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

WE DO NOT disclose, reveal, share or otherwise disseminate any personally identifiable details about you to any third parties except in the following limited circumstances: (a) if required to do so by law, (b) if permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia, or (c) with your prior permission.

Accessing Information
The accuracy of any personal information collected depends on your willingness to provide it.  EHYC maintains and updates your data according to the information that you willingly provide.  You may access any of your own personal information by providing us with a written request.

Questions and Dispute Resolution
Should you have any problems, concerns or questions regarding this policy or the information collected, please contact the EHYC office indicated below and we will be happy to provide a timely response:

Eagle Harbour Yacht Club
5750 Eagle Harbour Road
West Vancouver, B.C.
V7W 1P5
Phone – 604-921-7636