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May 6 @ 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Sailpast Protocols  

Opening day is a significant day in our calendar of events, when we gather together and look forward to the pleasure of the year ahead. All club members are encouraged to turn out and participate in the salute to the flag of the Commodore of our club.  

Historically and in other parts of the world where year-round boating is not possible, opening day is the official beginning of a new boating season and has been treated, traditionally, with some ceremony. 

Your Flag Officers hope that all members will attend what should be an enjoyable social event associated with the traditional formality of the Sailpast and salute to the Commodore. All members, whether they own a boat or not, are welcome. 

Recommended Dress of the Day 

The traditional attire for this event is Club Blazer or blue jacket, white trousers, skirt or slacks, but our club has always felt that it is more important for members to attend than to be deterred by a requirement of formal dress 


Members’ vessels should fly the Club Burgee at masthead, bow or spreader halyard, and the Canadian Flag from stern staff or backstay.  

All vessels and crews to be neat comma polished and sparkling. 

12:00 noon – The Eagle Harbour cannon is fired – The signal to clear the harbor.  

The Commodore will anchor his flagship in the vicinity of Grebe Islets. 

Sailboats will gather together upwind of The Commodore’s position and will form up line astern of the Fleet captain who will be followed by the Vice Commodore and the Rear Commodore, then by the rest of the fleet in descending order of size; latecomers should follow at the end of the line. A distance of three (3) boat lengths should be maintained between boats, with judicious use of engine or cutting corners when necessary.  

Powerboats will meet off Eagle Island and form up astern of the Staff Captain in descending order of size. 

Junior members will assemble in dinghies off the breakwater, and form up behind the Junior Commodore, Junior Fleet Captain and Junior Vice Commodore.  

The Fleet Captain is the first vessel to salute the Commodore, followed by the Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore, then by the other sailing vessels, the power boats and finally the Junior Club, whose Commodore will salute the Commodore and then take up station in the lee of the Commodore’s flagship and receive salutes from the Juniors.  

Saluting routine is – lower ensign and hold, skipper salutes, Commodore returns salute, vessel raises ensign, and ship’s company stand easy. Smaller sailboats may luff their jibs. After saluting, boats should keep clear of the rest of the Sailboat procession.  


All vessels must remain out of the harbour until Sailpast is completed. The Commodore will raise anchor and return to the harbour followed by the fleet.  

Vessels return to moorage, dress ship and prepare for the Commodore’s reception in the Clubhouse  



May 6
10:30 am - 4:00 pm
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